Arabic Language Curriculum

At Newlands School Dubai, we teach Arabic as a first language and Arabic as an additional language.

The Arab students are expected to follow the standard set for Arabic first language learners and use the MOE prescribed textbooks as the main resource in their curriculum. We apply the indicators of the MOE National Document concerning each year group and adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of our students and link it to the real-life and 21st-century inquiry learning.

Arabic language learning is also available for Non-Arab students, who are expected to follow the curriculum standards and expectations for Arabic as an additional language included in the framework specified for the Non- Native Speakers. All students have the chance to learn Arabic using the same topics as per the frame work but modified to suit the number of years of learning Arabic.

We also provide introductory sessions of Arabic language in the Early Years starting from FS1. Students enjoy listening to Arabic songs, joining the circle time and learning about the Arabic alphabets.

For Islamic studies, all Muslim Students (Arab and Non-Arab) follows the UAE Curriculum standards and use the MOE prescribed textbooks for Islamic Education. Islamic Education is also offered at Newlands in the Early Years.  Muslim students explore some concepts regarding Islamic morals , supplications, Seerah, and verses from the Holy Quran. We focus on enhancing Tajweed rules, encouraging students to memorise Quran. We also try to enhance the Islamic knowledge and develop a good understanding of Islamic concepts, and strengthening connections between the different areas of Islamic Education.

We also deliver French as a third foreign modern language and we introduce it starting from Year 3. Students learn a basic introduction through different topics.