Newlands School
Al-Warqa'a 1

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The Primary School at Newlands

Year 1 to Year 6

As Newlands students transition to the primary phase, their enjoyment of learning becomes visible to everyone who comes into contact with them. As they mature, the curriculum becomes a lot more structured and they are required to develop their depth of knowledge across a variety of subjects.

In Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6), our teachers develop themed subject and cross-curricular modules that combine citizenship, humanities and social learning. Key modules address: forms of government and democracy; citizen’s rights and responsibilities; Dubai’s economic foundations; poverty; the causes and resolution of conflict and wars; pollution and corruption; the contribution of the ancients; the advance of science; discovery and colonisation. This programme is enhanced in assemblies, through clubs and societies and with termly cross-curricular challenges for students to engage with, individually and in groups.

The curriculum involves students in learning important “life skills”: how to be safe, how to accept responsibility, how to live a healthy and prosperous life, how to care for others, and how to take reasonable risks in extending themselves and learning from experience.